Mud Season? Not so!

Ok, so maybe we have arrived at “mud season” here in the Catskills.  For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s when the Spring rains arrive, melt the snowpack in the Mountains and the ground in the valley gets downright spongy.  Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun?  How wrong you are!  Here are a bunch of great things to do on the beautiful sunny days between the rains.

skiing   You might think the season is over, but Spring conditions are perfect right now.  Nighttime temperatures below freezing mean there is still a ski season to be enjoyed.  It’s a perfect time to learn since the ski mountains are mellow, the temps nice and the slopes soft and forgiving.  And the late season is when the Mountains start really discounting deeply!  Starting March 18th we have a BOGO ticket for Belleayre ($39 midweek, $50 weekend) and both Hunter and Belleayre are offering great deals for next year’s season passes, which get you free access for the rest of this season.  A great deal.

hiking   Even if it’s muddy in the valleys, it’s still rocky on the mountains, so Spring is a great time to go hiking.  Great temperatures and no bugs!  Ask at our front desk for our popular hiking map of all the great treks in our area.

historic houses The Hudson Valley has a surprising wealth of beautiful and interesting history.  From Downtown Kingston’s Senate House (and historical district), to the Vanderbuilt MansionFDR House, Olana and the home of Samuel Morse, these are the perfect places to run when your weekend away turns soggy.

horseback riding   Let someone else’s feet get muddy!  Both area horseback riding outfits are open for business (or will be shortly) and no leaves on the trees yet means better views as you ride along through the woods.  Try either Ashokan Riding Club  or Stone Tavern Farm.

fishing Impress everyone by catching your own dinner, because as of April 1st, it’s fishing season.  The Esopus is world-famous for its trout, and was where fly-fishing was actually invented!  Fishing licenses are available in town at Morne Imports from $5-$29 for state residents.

get lost  One of our favorite things to do is just get out for a drive and explore all the cute towns and lonely mountain roads.  Every side road is it’s own adventure, who knows what you’ll find?